VSCode for Markdown

Short post again today, unfortunately. Today, and this week in general, have been super busy. But a few quick thoughts today.

For most of my software development (C/C++) I prefer to use Sublime Text. I know it’s not FOSS, but it’s one of the better text editors I’ve ever found, and at this point I’m so used to it that it would be a pain to change (not that I don’t still consider it from time to time). And it works equally well on every platform I’ve ever tried.

However, when it comes to Markdown, I am finding that Code – OSS (VSCode, Open Source edition) is remarkably good. I have been using QOwnNotes on desktop, or Dillinger.io online, and both work well. But VSCode does better with previews than QOwnNotes (from what I’ve seen), and it handles folders of files better than an online tool like Dillinger.io can. Not a huge fan of the fact that it’s a Microsoft product, but it is fully opensource, so I’m not opposed to using it either.

And so, unless another tool shows up soon that is equally as good (or better), I will be using VSCode for Markdown editing. And who knows… perhaps at some point I’ll move to it for my other work as well.

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