As I start writing this blog post, it’s already 8:50p. Normally I try to at least come up with what I’m going to write about earlier in the day. But today I kept busy enough that I only thought about blogging once or twice.

I started out working from home this morning, but then something came up with work that required me to head in to the office for the afternoon (first time in around 2 weeks). After a few hours of beating my head against a wall, I managed to find the issue, and push a fix. By that time it was already after 5p, and so I headed home, while keeping up with Slack chats along the way (and throughout dinner).

Post-dinner I did some more testing at home, then tried to unwind slightly while installing Ubuntu 20.04 on a small PC I am putting in my kitchen (I’ll post more on that at a later date). And yes, I do generally find tinkering with hardware/software somewhat relaxing. However, that’s up and running, but I still feel like I haven’t really relaxed, as I’m still thinking about work.

Which leads to my conundrums/musings: how do I safely unwind at the end of the day, and stretch (or relax) my mind so that I am ready for what the next day will bring, without feeling like I’m putting off doing work that I should be doing?

I don’t have any good answers for that, and therefore, I’ll continue to ponder…

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