Turns Out, I’m an Introvert!

I consider myself an introvert. There’s never been a time in my 30 years on this planet where I didn’t think of myself as an introvert. But over the past few years, as I became more and more involved in both work and church, I started to believe that maybe I was some kind of introvert/extrovert hybrid, or that I was evolving into an extrovert. I still enjoyed time by myself, but I was constantly going places with people, chatting with friends (in person and online), etc. And then the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

When the news first came (around March 15) that people should start working from home, I’ll be honest: at first I was a little concerned with how I would handle being “on lock-down”. Would I begin to go crazy? How hard would it be for me to only be at home, by myself, and not interacting with other people (except online)?

It turns out: I’m still an introvert! As I write this, I’m now well over a month into working from home, and overall, I’m loving it. On most days I don’t talk to anyone verbally (I am still in contact with family and coworkers via various instant messaging platforms), and I frankly don’t miss it that much! I’ve been able to get more accomplished working from home, at least by my own measurement, than I normally would in the office. Interruptions only really exist if I let them, so if I really need to focus, I can put my phone on silent, close down my chat clients, and just work. It’s amazing. I think I’m actually spending more time working at home than I normally would in the office, but it doesn’t feel nearly as draining.

However, I have noticed something odd while working entirely from home. Even though I technically should have more time for personal projects, reading, exercise, and gaming, I don’t seem to be spending much additional time on those pursuits. I’m not entirely sure where my time is going, other than to work (as mentioned above). That’s in no way a complaint, more just a commentary on a lack of mindfulness on my part that I want to correct. Perhaps this week I will keep a journal of exactly how I’m spending my time…

Now, I said that I don’t miss talking to people. That is mostly true, but it’s also a slight stretch. I do, after all, still participate in Zoom chats, which keep me in some semblance of face to face communication with family, coworkers, and friends. And while I don’t necessarily want to go anywhere and hang out with people, I do miss the freedom to choose to do so. I’m not particularly a fan of being told that I can’t travel to see family & friends, go to church, concert, etc.

So, what do I think the next month of continued shelter-in-place looks like for me? I’m kind of looking forward to it, to be honest. I’ve started to get into a good groove with working from home. I want to make time to work on a few more personal projects, but I hope that my time tracking experiment will help me figure that out. I also want to take a few more workout breaks throughout the day, to counter the extra sitting that I’m doing (I have been using a standing desk at work). Stay tuned for an update!

Now, back to my morning coffee and catching up on my RSS feeds…

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