Leadership Talks with Banning: Bill Johnson

I have been listening to the Jesus Culture Podcast for years. Originally called the Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast, it has evolved over time to include not only leadership talks, but also discussions about topics that apply to the church at large. I’ve been listening/re-listening to a number of them today, and one with Bill Johnson from last year really stuck out to me. Below are a few notes/quotes from the podcast that I found especially profound.

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“Self-promotion is to obtain an identity that you rejected in your relationship with the Lord. It’s to obtain something through your own voice that you missed from His voice.” Bill Johnson

“Self-promotion is actually competing with the promotion of the Gospel. You have to sacrifice something to promote yourself, and at some point you’re going to compromise the Gospel. At some point you’re going to compromise your effectiveness on the world around you.” Bill Johnson

“If I cannot handle being overlooked, I cannot handle being looked at. If I can’t handle criticism, I can’t handle praise. If I can’t handle disappointment, I can’t handle success. Those are the things that He takes us through to build Christ-like character in us.” Bill Johnson

“The fear of man will take you places; the fear of God will take you another.” Bill Johnson

“I try to make it a policy to never talk to a person about a problem unless they are involved in the solution.” Bill Johnson

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