About Justin Vollmer

Hi, I’m Justin. ๐Ÿ‘‹ I’m a computer engineer, geek, and avid reader living in Central Illinois, where I currently work for Precision Planting, LLC.

I was first introduced to computers in the 1990s at school, and have been hooked ever since. In the early years I mostly used Windows, followed by macOS in 2005 (with my first personal laptop), and Linux-based operating systems in 2012 (at work). I now use macOS and Arch Linux on a daily basis, and only occasionally use Windows, mostly for gaming.

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I first registered JustinVollmer.com in January of 2014, initially hosted on SquareSpace, which I selected due to its ease of use and quality design. After a few years I tired of the limitations imposed by SquareSpace, and in 2017 I decided to migrate to my own Wordpress instance, hosted on AWS Lightsail (see this blog post). Wordpress gave me more flexibility in my design, and would last me until I became obsessed with the idea of static site generators.

In November 2020 I migrated from Wordpress to Hugo, and selected DigitalOcean as my host (see this blog post for more information). And, while I have some complaints about the overall workflow, that combinations has continued to be a robust solution.